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We have over 2,500 m2 of storage facility – with pallet-racks or block-stacking – for various types of products. Filling takes place in the warehouse, so we can switch over quickly. Our unique routing means we can carry out the work with a minimal workforce and limited internal transport.

Warehouse equipped with loading dock

Qualified and certified staff

The warehouse is heated in the winter and cooled in the summer with environment-friendly geothermal energy, so there is always a pleasant working environment for our warehouse personnel. Conditioned storage is also a ‘must’ and gives you the guarantee that your products will be stored in the right way. Your packaging will be professionally labeled.

Storage and transfer facilities available

Our personnel are happy to provide you with information

All your products are completely traceable and your stock status is always up- to-date. Our knowledge, experience and professionalism in liquids, built up over years, mean we can justifiably call ourselves logistics specialists. Vendrig Transport B.V. offers you a total concept in the fields of transfer, packaging and warehousing and delivers optimal service. We have worked for many years providing full satisfaction to diverse regular clients.

Special features of our warehouse

  • Conditioned storage
  • Internal routing
  • Storage and transfer
  • Efficient
  • Flexible

Further information about warehousing?

+31(0)493 49 59 37