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We work with a uniform fleet of Volvo trucks. The trucks are (preventatively) maintained by the Volvo dealer, so unexpected halts are virtually out of the question. All our trucks are equipped with track-and-trace board-computers, so the planning department can respond quickly to demand from the market. Our trucks and chauffeurs are true ambassadors for your company.

New addition: 2 FH Volvo cabin-trucks

Nieuwe aanwinst: 2 FH Volvo trekkers.

Our trucks are thoroughly cleaned every week

Vendrig Transport B.V. invests a lot in our chauffeurs’ knowledge. After all, they are the ones providing the safe transport of your goods across the European road-network. On our ADR-vehicles we work only with chauffeurs who can speak at least 3 languages. This is due to the international character of our field of work, the work’s complexity and the product-specific requirements of the cargos.

Up-to-date truck-fleet

Well-schooled chauffeurs

Our chauffeurs’ training is constantly being refreshed. This consists not only of the legally required refresher-courses, but also of courses on responsible and economic driving given to the chauffeurs by an internal mentor. All our chauffeurs comply with the directives for professionalism (Code 95). High demands are made of our chauffeurs by the complex regulations for the administrative protocols for cargo and of their technical insight.

Special features of our truck-fleet

  • Track & trace board-computers
  • Fit to be seen
  • Multifunctional
  • Up-to-date

More information about our truck fleet?

+31(0)493 49 59 37