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Tank transport

Vendrig Transport B.V. transports tanks using 2 types of trucks: feed-trucks and acid-trucks. The feed-trucks have been especially developed for the transportation of liquid and viscous products such as potato steam-peels, wheat-starch etc. As we use trailers designed especially for this type of transportation, we can load the maximum weights and volumes.

Volvo FH truck with tank-trailer for transporting acids

Volvo FH truck with tank-trailer for transporting feed

Our trucks with stainless steel tank-trailers are used for transporting organic acids, used largely in the agribusiness and the feed industry. The tank-trailers are equipped with a weighing system, internal rinse system and rinse water tank. The large numbers of couplings mean that various types of hose tube can be attached at the customer’s premises to fill IBCs or drums directly off the tank-trailer.

Numerous couplings for various connections

Trailers with own pump units

Our unique tank-trailers make loading and unloading possible in 15 minutes under some circumstances. In this, Vendrig Transport B.V. occupies a distinguished position in the market. It also ensures that cargos will be loaded and unloaded quickly and efficiently. The very light weight of our tank-trailers means they can carry the maximum weight, which is a great advantage for international trips and further reduces the cost-price per trip.

Special features of our tank-trailers

  • Own compressor and pump unit
  • Speedy loading and unloading
  • Own weighing system
  • Light-weight
  • Internal rinse system with rinse-water tank
  • Sufficient couplings

Further information on tank transportation?

+31(0)493 49 59 37
What liquids do we transport

formic acid – propionic acid – phosphoric acid – acetic acid
blends of acids – lactic acids for feed – de-icers – clearway products

liquid wheat starch – various wheat-yeast concentrates   brewer’s yeast – brewer’s grains and mixtures thereof  – potato starch – potato steam-peels – corn steep liquor – wheat starch – fish oil