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Vendrig Transport B.V. has a state-of-the-art mixing plant where various kinds of liquids can be combined with solids. The mixing plant was designed entirely in-house. Using a sophisticated process in close cooperation with the mixing-order department, production is carried out just-in-time, so the ordered product can be delivered quickly and you have your products when required.

Ready access to mixing tank

Mixing in batches of up to 50 tonnes

By dosing the various components accurately, exactly the required amount is produced, so there is never any waste-product. After each dispatch, the mixing tank is cleaned fully-automatically. Every product has its unique properties. When mixing different products, choosing the right technique is essential. We have the knowledge needed to carry out this procedure for you optimally.

All products are available immediately or on demand

Maintenance provided by our own technical department

Vendrig Tranport B.V. manages the entire logistical journey of your goods, including the mixing. Your products will be accurately mixed, closely monitored and delivered just-in-time, so the continuity of your production process is always guaranteed. Let our specialists inform you of the many options the tank-site has to offer.

Special features of our mixing plant

  • Direct coupling to storage tanks
  • ADR and NON ADR
  • Fully-automatic cleaning
  • Batches of up to 50 tonnes
  • Accurate dosing of components

Further information about mixing?

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