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In 1990 Co, the founder of Vendrig Transport B.V. started up with one crane-trailer. Pretty soon, he expanded with a self-modified tank-trailer and he started to deliver foodstuffs for Beuker Transport. In 1993 the enterprise picked up momentum by taking over Beuker. A dozen tipper-trucks and tank-trucks were then introduced into the company. Mainly due to its technical background, the company was then able to specialize during the following years. It was clear that Vendrig Transport BV provided an alternative for transporting substances that others were unable to transport profitably. This was the beginnings of a formula for success.

The first truck with a crane-trailer

In the early years, we drove Scania trucks

In 1995, building was started on the first storage bunkers, then in a rush of momentum, more tanks, a mixing plant, storage hall, wash installation, and new office were added. Then at last, in November 2008, another 7 big stainless steel storage-tanks were delivered to the site in Someren. The final phase of the building project was converting 7 storage pits into stainless steel sanitary tanks for storing various acids and by-products.

Building the tanks for storage

Completing the warehouse

Since the beginning of 2007, Vendrig Transport BV has been employing a number of German chauffeurs. There are now 2 trucks and 4 chauffeurs working permanently for Vendrig Transport BV in the Hamburg / Bremen region.