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We process flexibags with hugely diverse products. The flexibags are pumped empty in Someren (The Netherlands). They are also removed from the container, cleaned, and prepared for recycling/waste-processing. A special pumping-process empties the flexibags without leaving any product-remains.

Flexibag in a 20 ft. container

Pumping the flexibag empty

The containers are transported via a rail-link from Rotterdam to Eindhoven (The Netherlands) and on to Someron by AS trailer and vice versa. Per week, we process large quantities of flexibags for our clients. We manage the entire process according to your own specific requirements and make sure your products are delivered to the right place at the right time. Logistics specialists in liquids – at your service!

Flexibag of 25,000 litres

The flexibag is emptied completely

As a result of our long experience in emptying flexibags, we have successfully developed our own method with which we can empty them completely while in many cases, the recipients of these flexibags are left with some remains in the bag that they cannot remove. We also remove all packaging materials from the container so the container can be re-used immediately.

Special features of our flexibags

  • Alternative ISO container
  • Flexible
  • Hygienic
  • Complete emptying
  • Completely recyclable

More information on flexibags?

+31(0)493 49 59 37