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Vendrig Transport B.V. has a partially self-developed filling-line that can be coupled not only to the mixing plant, but also to the tank-trucks. The line can also fill various sizes of packaging, ranging from 5 – 1,000 kgs with products, so a flexible response to market-demand is possible.

Filling line for various types of packaging

Accurate filling according to weight

In Someren, small packaging such as drums, cans and IBCs can be filled from bulk containers. We can also do this in reverse: transferring the contents of small packaging into bulk containers. Our tailor-made approach, flexible attitude, knowledge and experience make us the appropriate partner for dosing, mixing or filling. With us, your products will be closely monitored, and delivered just-in-time.

Small packaging from 5 kg to 1000 kg

Fills packaging with ADR and NON ADR products

We transport, store and mix many products for the feed industry and fill many types of packaging. The products are widely diverse, but are all subject to GMP+ and HACCP regulation. For the feed industry, these products include: formic acid – propionic acid – phosphoric acid – acetic acid – blends of acids – lactic acids for feed – de-icers – clearway products. And all sorts of by-products from the food industry such as: liquid wheat starch – various wheat-yeast concentrates – brewer’s yeast – brewer’s grains and mixtures thereof  – potato starch – potato steam-peels – corn steep liquor – wheat starch –  fish oil.

Special features of our filling-line

  • Safe and accurate
  • Flexible
  • Fast
  • ADR en NON ADR
  • Automated

More information about our filling-line?

+31(0)493 49 59 37