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As a client, you demand quality of the transport company you hire in. We can guarantee you that we adhere 100% to the rules and directives for safety. Your products are in the best hands with us, with HACCP- and GMP+ certification to prove it. Our certifications are your guarantee that we continually strive to ensure quality within our business chain.

Our GMP+ certification means that all your products are traceable and monitored throughout the logistical chain. All document-flows are recorded and kept for at least 7 years. As partner in the chain and your logistics specialist, we have an extensive quality system.

Download our NVWA (Dutch Authority for Food and Commodities) certificate here

Download our FSSC (Food Safety System) certificatie here

Vendrig Transport B.V. is also QS certified. QS is a German quality-control system. The aim of the system is to guarantee quality and food safety within the entire food chain. With this certification, the “Q” stands for “Qualität” (quality) and the “S” for “Sicherheit” (safety). Central to its purpose are also transparency and traceability. The QS certification is an important ‘plus’ for our company.